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Uniroyal Tyres Warrington

Uniroyal Tyres Warrington If you are not fully up to speed with tyre technology it can be tough to know which tyres to pick.

Uniroyal Tyres Warrington

Why buy Uniroyal tyres?

A safe choice

Since they first invented the rain tyre in 1969, Uniroyal has continued to grow their reputation as rain experts. They understand different weather conditions and their effects on driving. They have made it their business to develop tyres to keep you safe on the road at all times – even when it is wet.

Tailored to your needs

The Uniroyal tyre range caters for every individual need. No matter what car you drive, they have a tyre to suit you. Whatever the weather, they make sure you enjoy every journey.

Driving tyre technology forward

Innovation has played a key role in Uniroyal’s business from day one. Their rich history of innovations includes Shark Skin Technology (SST). Their designers have replicated sharks’ natural water dispersal properties to create tyres with exceptional wet weather capabilities.

Value for money

Uniroyal focuses on quality throughout the production process, using superior compounds and advanced materials. During development, they monitor and thoroughly test every aspect of their tyres’ construction.

Award-winning design

Uniroyal tyres do not just perform well; they look great too. They have won awards such as the Red Dot Award for Product Design and the iF Design Award 2014.


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Bromley Tyres are high performance tyre specialist who carry out all tyre repairs and tyre replacements at our local Warrington tyre service centre.


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