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Pirelli Tyres Warrington

Pirelli Tyres Warrington Pirelli founded in 1872, is one of the leading global tyre manufacturers. They focus primarily on the high-end market segments and produce a range of premium tyres with the highest technological standards.

Pirelli Tyres Warrington

Pirelli; portfolio contains more than 1,700 tyres, each of which fit the personality of the car model they were designed for. All Pirelli tyres are designed and tested to achieve the best driving performance. Pirelli are partners of the best prestige and premium car makers all over the world,
In 14 countries with a total of 20 production plants, Pirelli produces car, motorcycle, truck, bus and agricultural tyres. The Pirelli group has a commercial presence in more than 160 countries, in both mature and developing markets.
Pirelli has a long, proud industrial tradition, combining for innovation with quality and brand strength. Pirelli is the exclusive tyre supplier in Formula One for the 2017-2019 seasons.
As part of a ‘green performance’ strategy, Pirelli’s research and development focuses its products and services on high quality and technology and a low impact on the environment.
Buying Pirelli Tyres from Bromley Tyres for your car, van, SUV, 4×4 or high-performance vehicle ensures that you will enjoy the very best in tyre technology and unbeatable quality.


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