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Nexen Tyres Warrington

Nexen Tyres Warrington For more than 70 years Nexen Tyres has been producing a range of quality tyres that are recognised all over the world. As a global brand, Nexen now has more than 250 dealer locations, spread across more than 120 different countries. Based in Korea, they produce a range of affordable high-performance tyres to suit any type of vehicle.

Nexen Tyres Warrington

Nexen Tyres offers a full range of quality tyres to customers in the United Kingdom. The range includes Ultra High Performance and SUV tyres, as well as more general family car tyres. Summer and winter tyres are available for peak performance all year round. They produce 27 patterns and 200 different sizes.

In 2005, Nexen was awarded a patent for its technology to manufacture nano-composite tyres from rubber and stratified silicate. By 2006, they had developed a new Winter tread pattern. To accommodate the increased demand for these new tyres, the company opened a manufacturing plant in China in 2007.

Whatever you are looking for in your set of tyres – be that quality construction, reliable handling, or astounding performance –Nexen will produce a tyre that will meet your needs. If you ask for a set of Nexen tyres you will not be disappointed.


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