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Motorcycle Tyre Information

Motorcycle Tyre Information

Running In New Motorcycle Tyres

In order for your new motorcycle tyres to provide optimum performance, they should be ridden very cautiously for the first 100 to 200 miles in order to condition and settle them on the rim, allowing the tread surface to be ‘scuffed in’ and function properly.

Motorcycle tyres should be checked to ensure correct seating and inflation. After this initial period, acceleration, lean angles and braking forces can be gradually increased. However, please remember that a tyre works most efficiently after it reaches its operating temperature.

Immediately after mounting new motorcycle tyres, hard cornering, sudden acceleration and maximum braking must be avoided. This will allow the motorcycle rider to adapt to the ‘feel’ and handling characteristics of the new motorcycle tyres

In summary, the running in of new motorcycle tyres serves several purposes:
a) The motorcycle tyre needs to settle itself onto the wheel rim.
b) The various components of the motorcycle tyre (carcass, tread strip, etc.) need to settle into one another.
c) When motorbike tyres are new, the tread has a smooth surface. This needs to be ‘scuffed-in’ to obtain maximum grip. 

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