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Metzeler Tyres Warrington

Metzeler Tyres Warrington Tyres have four functions:
  • To provide grip for braking and acceleration.
  • To maintain steering and directional control.
  • To support the weight of the vehicle
  • To absorb road shocks
Your tyres are essential for driving safely; they are the only connection between your vehicle and the road. As the contact area is so small, especially on a motorcycle with only two tyres, you need to choose a tyre that works well. Choosing the right tyre for your motorcycle is critical, especially if you are going to push your bike hard on track or off-road.

Metzeler Tyres Warrington

Metzeler Tyres is a German motorcycle tyre company that was originally founded back in 1863. Metzeler originally produced a range of different rubber and plastic products. They expanded into the world of aviation in 1890 and began to produce automotive and motorcycle tyres in 1892. The company’s factory was destroyed in World War II. After the war had ended, it was rebuilt, and Metzeler began to produce tyres for distribution across the world.

Since 1979, Metzeler Tyres has focused only on the production of motorcycle tyres, and the company was acquired by Pirelli in 1986. They produce a range of motorcycle tyres with safety and performance as their primary considerations.

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Bromley Tyres are high performance tyre specialist who carry out all tyre repairs and tyre replacements at our local Warrington tyre service centre.


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