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Firestone Tyres

Firestone Tyres Warrington

Firestone Tyres Warrington Bromley Tyres stock a range of Firestone tyres to suit all kinds of vehicle.

Firestone Tyres Warrington

Firestone’s range includes:


Built to perform longer:
  • Best in class grip in the wet
  • The highest “A” EU-label grade for wet grip
  • Best in class braking performance in the dry
  • Up to 3 metres shorter braking distance compared its main competitors
  • Up to 20% better wear performance


Comfortable for urban driving as well as confident cornering
  • Subtle, elegant design
  • Comfortable, smooth and super-quiet
  • Reliable braking performance


A robust SUV tyre built to go the distance thanks to its outstanding grip, stability and economy.
  • Modern, sporty appearance
  • Good mileage and rolling resistance
  • High stability in all weather conditions


A peaceful and relaxing ride with outstanding safety and reliability on the road.
  • Modern, stylish design
  • High levels of safety and comfort
  • Robust, reliable performance


Fun to drive. Precise steering, excellent cornering and a bit more bite when it’s needed.
  • Dynamic, sporty look
  • Superb steering response
  • Predictable and highly reliable


Year-round convenience.
  • The convenience and cost saving of a single set of tyres, all year round
  • Designed to perform in all conditions
  • Compliant with European winter-tyre legislation
  • Available with Run-Flat Technology (RFT).


Here at Bromley Tyres we offer a full professional tyre fitting service, including a full range of tyres from budget to premium, fast expert fitting, wheel balancing and wheel alignment. Use our online tyre finder today or call 01925 399110 today for more info.

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Bromley Tyres are high performance tyre specialist who carry out all tyre repairs and tyre replacements at our local Warrington tyre service centre.


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